Lichen, like wings.... Whidbey Island, Aldermarsh and Still magic.

" She balanced on a moss covered log with two giant lichen sprouted like wings. Stretching vertical in tree pose, her arms grew like the branches around her.  Raindrops chimed like bells on the marsh...."
  My experience at Alermarsh on Whidbey Island was profound. Whether it was the shift my spirit felt as I shed my fears alone in the dark womb of a sweat lodge or the connection and acceptance from a sacred circle of women. My intuition was untethered and strengthened. The Zen-ness of the land grounded and permeated my being. A meeting with a sister I have no doubt I have known in another life bloomed and filled a much needed bond . A complete and perfect 4 days. I pray it can sustain me till September when the brambles are full and she calls me again by name....

  A big thanks to Joanna Powell Colbert for facilitating and stirring such powerful feminine magic.


Posted on March 8, 2013 .