Solstice Musings....


I have never had a mainstream profession so weekends, hump day and major holidays don't have the same significance to me. Between working as a professional gardener, married to a musician and my yoga practice I have an interesting schedule. Late nights, long summer hours and fall shows flow into restful winter creative stretches. But the the past few years working on my natural textiles has really made my lifestyle very interesting. Binge dyeing, random leaf collecting excursions, felt play dates. Just days of "creative juice" marathons. I just looked up at the moon yesterday and realized the summer Solstice is here already! Wasn't I just looking up at the same moon in the lake at Shakerag? That was a year ago! I celebrated this Solstice picking over 5lbs of blueberries with an old friend in Mississippi and gazing at that big moon.

  Which is why I'm sitting for a nanosecond to jot done and keep in touch what's unfolding on my crazy journey. I usually only stop to pause on the equinoxes, solstices, full and new moons. Currently I am celebrating my pitta fire in full summer glory. Firing on all cylinders, shocked when I come inside from my adventures and its so late. The weather has been very fair in San Diego so I have been rocking the house cleaning and art organizing. I had a blast at the Shakti yoga festival in Joshua Tree last month. 5 full days and nights of high vibrations. Saul David Reye and Shiva Rea intensives were truly amazing experiences.

  I'm  getting ready to do 3 days of art shows, and 4 days in Venice beach with Shiva Rea teacher training Prana Danda Yoga. Yes, I can't believe I just put that in print. I am in love and in the process of learning PDY so I can eventually teach this amazing new prana flow practice with a staff. Cool stuff. I'll eventually be fading out the gardening and should be certified in the next two years. Change is scary but life throws you them whether your ready or not. This past year has taught me the importance of balance and holistic yoga ( old school, with breath work and meditation) and my artwork need equal importance. Strange, one of the hardest things I struggle with in life but am naturally good at in yoga is balance....hmmmm... *musing in progress*

  I still spend a significant amount of my time cooking tasty healthy food. These blueberries should keep me busy for a few days! My friend Elaine has been a kindred spirit with her kitchen magic. She inspires me and I feel her presence when I'm slaving away on the stove or shopping at the farmers market. I highly recommend you see what she's doing in her kitchen and cookbook at

. I spend hours a day in my kitchen then I read her blog and realize others are out there tending the hearth, grounding the soul and feeding loved ones tasty food. Try it, it's hard work but well worth the effort. I think the ritual of eating together is the simplistic way to weave harmony in busy intersecting lives.   Happy abundant Summer Solstice! 

Posted on July 2, 2013 .