Shakerag...Awaken my spirit!

Yes it was the Summer Solstice, and food, creativity, the water and woods at Shakerag was bountiful and beautiful! The farm to table food was cooked with love.  It took me a few days to get into the rhythm of going to class and fitting in the wild schedule. The birds singing between the pathways as I would meander to an early breakfast.  After dye class, I spent some time everyday hiking the woods along the lake, stopping at the stone platform along otter trail to do yoga and meditation. Swimming along with the dragonflies with the chorus of frog singing at the reservoir was my favorite. The weather was perfect! A bunch of us snuck out at midnight to swim and celebrate the Summer Solstice. I led a prayer from the raft that everyone repeated three times. Since I was asked for copies I'll print it below for whomever. It was taught to me by Kathy Jones in Avalon, UK. The human company was extremely pleasant as well. Hard to beat creative gals who are happy and lucky enough to be at Sharkrag for the ride. A lot of the woman I met ( 2 years ago) in the India Flint class were there again. Not all in my dyeing class but we'd catch up at the picnic tables for lunch or dinner. Janet, Maryann, Patricia, Lotta, Judy Lee, Ilsa , Cathy to name a few. A woman I met from NC named Caitley I really enjoyed getting to know, we seemed to be kindred spirits.
 Michel Garcia was a kind, brilliant man. I think his methods are revolutionary for the natural dyeing movement. Sustainable and economical and colorfast! The cotton, linen and indigo methods of dyeing I learned are sure to have a huge impact on my creative toolbox. I may skip my Michigan trip in July to stay home and refine some of these new techniques and go with the creative juice flow I have coming on. I finally feel physically great and I'm ready roll up my sleeves and get dirty again. I have a show Aug 5th then off to San Fransico for some R&R. Burning Man and the Bhakti yoga festival in Joshua Tree is next then off to Taos for the wool festival! Next yearJanet, Maryann and Lotta may join Lori and I there for a stitch&relax getaway. Love Apple and sheep look out, the girls are coming!
 The last day of the Shakrag's two week extravaganza ended with a lot of wine and dancing. We had a blast! Even after I gave up and went to bed, with my nightgown on I had to go back to fetch my shawl when Claire (runs the event and school) roped me in again on the dance floor, in my nightie and all! Lastly, the computer class finally dragged out the male energy which gave boost to all the estrogen bouncing up and down. I gave up again, listening to "Brick House" fade in the background as I wandered in the night. Little did I know I would have the lake all to myself the next day as everyone headed to the airport. I wasn't in a hurry to drive to Memphis so I hung out with the dragonflies and frogs......unwound and grounded, a perfect end to a wonderful fun-filled learning adventure.



Posted on October 17, 2012 .