Summer 2017

Hopefully, you're enjoying the bounty summer brings; the abundance of light, thriving crops,  gardens, and overflowing creative energy. 

 I have been quiet on the website front. These days my hands are very busy. When I'm not creating designs, dyeing, or in nature stitching, I'm traveling. I started the year in Costa Rica, connecting to my yoga teacher Shiva Rea. I spent the next few months making clothes, and stitching/hiking out in the Valley of Fire in NV. I had my first show at the American Craft Council in Minneapolis in April. Visiting my family in Michigan and a good friend's Bison Ranch. Her white buffalo "Outlaw" inspired and awed me. Kim & Kevin MacRitchie of "New Beginnings Ranch" gave me some of his beautiful white fiber to save for a very special offering. I had an adventure driving across the Mackinaw Bridge, on my way back, I got stuck in a snow/ice storm in my little Prius for 24 hours. 16 of those hours, waiting on the road for the bridge to open. I've been through worse, I'm a seasoned camper (Desert and mountain storms in a tent!) so I hunkered down with books, podcasts, and snacks. It was a real adventure! 

Then I put my nose to the grindstone for my July Art Fair Jackson Hole show. I just got back, my inventory empty, but my heart full from the Tetons and my precious time I got to spend in the woods and tarn. So beautiful! I love the 2000 mile round trip drive, it's meditative and a lot of reflection. THANK YOU, JACKSON HOLE! Their appreciation and good energy is truly a gift.

 With the exception of a few mountain camping trips with Freya, and a weekend at the native Chumash? sacred Whishtoyo in Malibu with Shiva, I'm back to work in my studio creating for the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole in September. I'm being featured in their runway fashion show Thursday, September 7th, then a gallery show Friday and selling Saturday and Sunday. My Fall designs reflect the Tetons in my "Woodland Ethereal" collection. 

 After another 2000 mile trip to Wyoming, I'm off to my girls trip to the Taos Wool Festival in New Mexico. Where we purchase raw lamb fleeces, turquoise buttons, and other supplies. Stitching and enjoying the New Mexican landscape. 

 I may be showing at the Pasadena Contemporary Craft Market in October, but right now only my trip to India is assured on the horizon. It is a dream come true to share an adventure with Vijaya Stern. Her Ayurveda skills are why my health and vitality are thriving! We both have a love for textiles and India. On this trip, we will tour a melange of India; temples and markets to feed our vitality and smooth our soul. I will guide a sacred textile project to weave our experiences into. If you are interested in joining us, please follow this link for more information:

  My gift is not writing, but I write to stay connected. I'm more on Instagram and Facebook, posting dyepots, creations and my trips into the wild.... 

P.S. In case you haven't seen my designer feature in summer 2017 Belle Armoire magazine....gratitude  Danielle Williams and Ricë Freeman -Zachery for sharing my work.

Until we meet again, 


Posted on July 22, 2017 .