Lammas, Moon Rise Sunset.

I'm reeling from the beauty of the Lammas full moon rising in the window to my left, and the sun settin, casting a warm orange glow to my right. I'm flying across country home from a wonderful, but whirlwind trip after gardening in Memphis, to swinging by Michigan for 9 days. What an amazing loving family I have! 9 days is not enought when I also horse back ride with my childhood best friend and drive up north to chillax at my Swiss friend's Chalet for a few days. I say Chill, but we spent a day in Petoskey then hiked, swam, cooked before rest. What beauty, quiet, and stillness is up there. Every year I long for the nights with my window open and absolute scilence. This time around, I actually had to adjust to complete scilence. With delayed pleasure, I witnessed the rythm of my breath, and a few drops of rain crashing on pine needles guiding me to sleep. Could I really live that way every day? The thought temps me and scares me at the same time. I notice that day after day of business and chatting stimulates me too much and I long for, and savor the solitude more and more. Getting older or more in tune with my spirit? Both? I don't care which, I just notice and crave more and more simple nature.

 Who's to know what will happen next year with the Shift. My 20 year gardening/design gig at an end, art and yoga to unfold at home more. Full time in California, who knows what this transition will bring? I'm hopeful and praying a positive and smooth change. Surrounded with friends, family, art and learning to teach yoga, I welcome what new adventures await!

Posted on September 28, 2014 .