Love Apple, Blood Moon, Beads & Ribbons


I am on my journey home from my New Mexico adventures. Like my Belle Armoire artical, I am reeling from quant shops, stunning landscapes and the amazing New Mexican food. My good friends and wonderful fiber artists, Lori Lawson and Janet Crowe made the textile hunting, evenings stitching, and foodie binges even more enjoyable. The Love Apple (old French term for the Tomato) in Taos was our treat every evening after a long day. Cornhusk roasted trout, antelope, blue corn bread, quinoa fritters, salads and the most amazing heirloom tomato soup I ever tasted were some of our most favorites we indulged ourselves.

  This quick blog was paused there and left on the griddle when I got home. Now in crunch mode before Artistic Licnese, Contemporary Craft Market and A gallery trunk show. I have been felting, dyeing, and stitching up a new Boro style panels for my booth from some of my New Mexican finds, mixed with old linens. A piece of hand woven bamboo and nettles fabric is my most favorite piece. My booth is set up in from of my house ready for tassels to be stitched along the bottom. Cranking up my big outdoor copper kettle for my last batch of scarves to get dipped. I may feed my indigo pot this weekend for some last minunite dips and overdyes.

Hiking has been a sad here in Southern California. The Chapparl is burnt to a crisp, sage transforming into incense and poperi. I gathered some dried buckwheat to use in my ecoprinting, a record simmered in fabric to remember this harsh drought.

Gratitude for my Taos gathering, and good friends to share it with. May the turning of this season into Fall/ Winter bring abundance from the fruits of my labors, along with rain to heal the scorched earth and parched wildlife. 





Last fall dyepots. Bhodi and eucalyptus on felt


Taos, New Mexico

Posted on October 29, 2014 .