A Stitch In Time Makes New Designs......

I'm enjoying the harvest of Being and Doing in my new designs.

In Dr. Amit Goswami PH.d's "The Quantum Activist" he speaks about the leap electrons make in atoms and the correlation with a creative " a-ha" moment. This Quantum leap happens every day in our cells and in the Universe around us. Within his smiling eyes, expressive explanations, Dr. Goswami's theory resonates with my creative process. I particularly relate to his acknowledging the importance of Being and Doing. Or in his words Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-Be-Do! He states that you can't just be all the time, or do all the time but flow between them. This is where I've mentioned my struggle with balance in the past. Too much Doing, not equal enough but potent Being. I would get stuck in the frenzy of Doing, or creating. I also refer to having "wheels on my butt". I get into a groove of creative energy and find myself unable to slow down. Even rushing to yoga classes sometimes stimulates my energy instead of calming my pitta energy. This is where taking a walk in the woods, going camping in the mountains or just meditating is required for the full effect of just Being. Nature, yoga and spinning are the grounding forces in my life. When Balance is achieved like recently, ahhh! Peace, calm, and euphoric contentment. I just took some time in the beautiful springtime blooming mountains with Zorba then spent a week at home just Being. the unintended side effect seems to be after balance is achieved comes fresh ideas and new designs! With clarity and unbidden flow, one stitch leads to two....Here are some photos of me ( without makeup and on a creative high) in one of my new smock dresses and apron. My husband caught me traipsing outside my studio, for all to see. I have other designs and new aprons made and shall get them out into the world soon. Right now I am bathing in balance and breathing in my new mantra,"Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-Be-Do"!

Posted on June 7, 2011 .