Purple Haze & Persian Tea

I am buzzing on my new tea addiction. I am of British & Manx decent, and tea is in my blood. I first went to the Isle of Man, England & Scotland at the tender age of 7. My love of tea started there. If you give a kid anything with milk and sugar, happiness follows. I was also exposed to a Shanty and Hot Toddies but that's another story.... I don't drink coffee. Ever. I have on the rare occasion drank and liked Turkish, Greek coffee and espresso in Rome. That was with family and wasn't an option after an unforgettable meal with lots of wine. I think I would have drank urine and it would have tasted like nectar if the Romans made it. I regress..... I have a love of teas; white, green, oolong and my staples Welsh & double bergamot Earl Grey. Earl Grey being my favorite with milk & agave to start my day. I flitter between the rest during the day and depending on my mood. For my birthday, my friend Lori Lawson took me to a Persian resturant. The food was good but the tea was amazing! After enjoying 3 glasses, I walked out with a pound of it. I had a Persian friend who on occasion made me some wonderful food but whoa! The tea! There are different blends but this place makes their own (I have a hunch Earl, Darjeeling and maybe roses are in there) secret blend. I have been sipping nonstop since I perfected the Persian way of brewing. An art well worth following. I don't even miss the milk with the complex aroma. I am getting everyone around me hooked, a pound may not last long around here. Inspiration flowed from my heady tea buzz, and my first foray into lac madder blending was born. I purchased some while in Taos, New Mexico last fall. Earthships, chillies and wool-oh my! Roots of madder and Earthues Powdered Lac. These colors meld well with the different eucalyptus equally on silk & wool. Hope you enjoy my new inspirations. I will be selling some pieces at my May 15th Talmadge show. I will be busy stitching dusters & aprons while sipping Persian tea and brewing Purple Haze cashmere shawls & scarves.
Posted on April 24, 2011 .