Rolling, rolling, rolling!!!!

Rolling, rolling, rolling!!!!

The Making....

 I express myself through my art, with Nature being my muse and my refuge. I usually start a project organically, with a spark of an idea or inspiration. This usually come from just being, relaxing at my home, garden, or in the woods. Sometimes I mix it up with a "play date" with one of my arty friends. We get together for a whirlwind of shared creative flow, chatting, and usually a good cup of tea and tasty food. Sometimes I make a pilgrimage to a wool festival, antique shop, or traveling will make the spark.

My toolbox of techniques and my process evolve and change constantly. Natural dyeing, nuno felting, reconstructing vintage pieces, eco-printing, hand stamping with wood blocks, hand sew embroidery, knitting and hand spinning are a few of my favorites. I mostly use natural, vintage, eco-friendly or hand-made materials. Sometimes I hand wash a lamb fleece, card and felt from scratch. Sometimes I buy superfine merino, or find interesting new fabric from indie shops while traveling. I mix it up, use and do what inspires me.

 I work extremely intuitively, when creating a piece. I don't use recipes when dyeing, making patterns, and/or have a plan when working on my art and textiles.  Even when designing clothing, I cut, drape, and let each piece speak to me. It's really just tapping into a flow. I am merely a conduit for the Making. 

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