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   I am so grateful for the opportunity to be on the cover of Altered Couture and featured in Belle Armoire magazines. As an artist, I pour my heart and soul into the textiles and artwear I make without expectations how they are recieved by others. It is extremely fulfilling when others appreciate and truly see what I do- beauty in nature reflected with art. Thank you, all of you who understand and support my work, and the time involved in handmaking of wearable, one of a kind art. Cheers!




Creating My Own Sparks

Creating my own sparks for Independence Day.

whew! Just last week I was flying through he buckwheat blooming, the dried fox tails chiming in the breeze, biking Daley Ranch is as close to how I feel flying in my dreams. I spent the new moon contemplating and churning my new designs ( see my new white dress on my "Works in Progress" page) I birthed during a full moon creative binge around The summer solstice.After a few nights hiking and biking Daley Ranch I headed to work in Memphis, taking a much needed textile pause and got my hands dirty in the earth while the waves of the mid afternoon thunder storms rolled in every day. It was strange basqing in the abundance of moisture while my home in Southern California is so dry. I experienced nature's extreme opposites and enjoyed both their smells and beauty.

 Back home and happy to finally end the drought of my journaling experience, as my website is relaunched-yay! I had been unable to update, blog or add photos until I got a new computer, new softwear and the time to put it all together thoughtfully. Released in tantum so I can celebrate my first publication of my artwork/artical in Belle Armoire magazine. Luck will have it they found me on Flickr and gave me an invite. That chance meeting lead also to another artical and cover shot on Altured Coutoure magazine to be released in Aug. The process of creating multiple one-of-a kind designs and writing was intense but really gave me the nudge to get some of my work out into the world. My site goes live as I type (crossing my fingers) so I'll head back into my kitchen to sneak some of the fresh blueberries I picked in Mississippi last week. My kitchen is overflowing with summer season veggies and fruit ready to be devored for tomorrow's celebration Independence Day.

P.S. Grateful for independent Artists whom are free to express themselves and the tribe that supports us!




Biking the trails at Daley Ranch. Buckwheat blooming.


Full moon on the summer solstice at Daley Ranch. Hiking with Zorba.


Hand picked at Nesbit Plantation in Mississippi. Two buckets made it in my suitcase home for the Fourth of July. Um, yea, I like blueberries with everything!


A Tidy Home Is Kept By A Dull Woman

You know an artist is in residence the minute you step in my front door. Not because it's dirty, it's just my environment seems always to be in progress, or in the middle of a project I'm creating. I took a break from work and shows for a month to catch up on my mundane life at home as well as sprucing up my vitality. I reveled in organizing some serious catching up in my garden. I tried to balancing going for hikes with Zorba, gardening, cleaning and cooking. Half my day went to cooking, doing dishes and pulling weeds. I whip up some amazing food but also create some serious messes. Choosing to live without a dishwasher or microwave adds to the slow process. I also balanced yoga, mountain biking, carding and washing wool. Afterwards, I cleaned some more, spun some wool and rested. No matter how much I picked up, dust on my floors and a mess would settle back in like a comfy old shoe. I was frustrated it was never "tidy" or organized for long no matter my effort. I have a few people in my life that spend all of their free time organizing and cleaning their homes. They can't enjoy a meal or company until the dishes and kitchen are perfect. They are uncomfortable and at dis-ease unless everything is in its place. I see them unhappy because the people they live with don't share their obsession/passion. I used to cringe when they would visit. I would imagine those judgmental white gloves would be on, looking for offending dust or the misplaced sock my dog left out. I felt like a failure that I couldn't  keep up.  Now I just see my home for what most friends and family feel when they experience it.  An inviting, unique, artsy old craftsman house that is well loved and well used. The hardwood floors are worn like marbled leather. My dining room has dozens of old rose paintings covering its walls to like 3D wallpaper. I have ecoprinted furniture and enameled old gas stove. A garden that is wild and enchanting with its brambling roses, draping angel trumpets and the fragrance of jasmine mixing with eucalyptus. Stone paths, yarn or clothes hanging on wood lattice or in trees. With all the food, art, clothes, people and places I love and travel I was too hard on myself. That is until one day a wise woman (thank you India) told me the saying"a tidy home is kept by a dull woman" and I breathed a sigh of relief! I have many gifts and many faults but I dull woman I am most certainly not! I can accept this......
Ps. I type this with a skein of pygora on my chest I just spun after dinner instead of doing those pesky dishes that can wait till morning! Ha!