2012 From The Desert To Holland, Onward!

I am technically in hibernation mode as it is still January. I was in fact adhering to the discipline and freak act of this thing called resting when opportunities have unearthed me. Well, Ms. opportunity and her consort Mr. heat wave we had here in So Cal for a week.

Let me start after my fall shows ended I was planning to invest some of my show seeds into a workshop, at a place called Shakerag in Sawanee, Tennessee for next June. Shakerag.org is an amazing venue I have attended in the past that cultivates artistic endeavors, nature, and hosts wonderful homegrown food. Unfortunately the costume designer I was excited about backed out. So I waited for another opportunity to come along that would put fire in my belly. Then a woman at my last show who has seen my artistic style develop started to go on and on about an artist I needed to meet, and that I would love her style. She wrote this artist's name down and when I went to look her up some time later, I was so surprised how right on she was! Her name is Claudy Jongstra from Holland and besides being an amazing, accomplished artist AND is eco-friendly, she happens to be having a workshop the same time I was thinking of taking one. It was full at that time but the universe swayed and a month later they called me asking if I wanted to attend. Hell yea! So off went my show seeds in Euros and I am going to felt and eat stroop this June in Holland. Please google her she is a force to be reckoned, modern and old school at the same time. I think she will dig my hand spun yarn and I will revel in her dye garden. Much to be learned and explored....
So the heat wave hit here in So Cal (86 degrees!) and I in my winter sloth mode started mountain biking and hiking again with vigor. This then spring boarded me into designing my flour sack vintage aprons. I had a sew fest at my friend Raelynns for 3 days to get rock'in for the Talmage show. That spurred me into dyeing and stitching, and if i just sit still to spin up some yarn and I am on my way to the finish line.
I am working in Memphis this week when I spontaneously took a Kundalini workshop with Singh Ravi and Ana Brett. Can you say Sat-Ta-Nam, whoa! that experience inspired me into signing up for the Bhakti Shakti festival in Joshua Tree National Park for 3 days in May. So right now my future looks like the Bhakti Festival in Jousha Tree in May, Claudy Joungstra workshop in Holland in June, Swiss Chalet dyeing with Nature walks in Michigan in July, the Burning Man Art Festival at Black Rock City, NV in August, The Taos Wool Festival in New Mexico in September, and then my shows start in October! I am ready to hibernate again just thinking about my busy schedule! Such a blessing really. Just give me good health then happiness and adventures happen. As my good friend Lindsey says with youth, beauty and sassiness- ONWARD!

So everyone, I am meeting 2012 with this mantra ONWARD!

Posted on January 24, 2012 .